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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

John Boehner Blames Obama For Derailing Dream Act After He Stalled Dream Act-Style Bill

Tsk, tsk Mr. Boehner....

I assume from his actions and past statements that Mr."Speaker of the House" Boehner is like most of the 1 percenter folks who believe that the average American doesn't have a clue.
I think that is one of the only reasons that old "Bone-Head" Boehner would utter his latest crazy such a thing.

Now let's be up front about the facts, Bone Head. The President has tried to push the Dream Act since he's been in office.  Your good ole boys shot  him down in 2010 with an unified show of misguided unity.   Now, for the "I'm for the rich" buttholes that they are, the president's latest decision is now an issue.

The Republicans screaming foul because they've been outwitted and  "I Shed A Thousand Tears" Boehner is upset that the President took the high road and back-doored his ass on this issue.  If the House wasn't going to try the bi-partisan route, then he figured out another way to get some sort of resolution on the table, after all, people's futures and lives are in the balance.  You can't go forward, if you are stuck by your past.

Unfortunately, as usual, folks are being caught in the politcal crossfire. This particular time it involves the Latino community.

Boehner says we are operating in a hostile political enviroment. Really????

Are you referring to the hostile political climate that you, the Congress, Teapublicans, and big corporate lobbyists have created?  Basically, the groups that are preventing ordinary, hard-working Americans from getting ahead.

What did we average American folks in the 99 percent, ever do to the 1 percent that causes them to support the constant sticking in the ass?

How much more money and power do you and your special interest folks need to take to be completely satisfied?

When is enough enough?

When will they realize that eventually the majority will get tired of being taken advantage of and their position will be threatened by the masses? 

You can't keep screwing up most of the population without consequences.

I'm really more disgusted with Boehner because of his humble background. He grew up poor, so you would think that his uppity ass would be more sensitive to the plight of the poor.

But then again, when your pockets have been stuffed like a high-priced whore during convention weekend, you kinda forget those things.

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