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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rodney King....RIP

Rodney King, the man who was thrown into the middle of a race war in the 1990's has passed away.

Mr. King was always uncomfortable with being in the spot light and he preferred not to be used by the media or by black folks.   He become the front and the back story of racial tension not just in Los Angeles but across the nation and world.

So, with Mr. King's passing, let's see what has changed in the twenty plus years since that horrific beating... NOTHING!!
That monumental ass whipping he was given by those four police officers did nothing for any minorities' future, especially blacks.

I've read Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, who contrary to popular white belief, aren't the national spokes persons for black folks, now use Trayvon Martin as a more modern example of unjustice against minority males.   I know, anything to stay relevant gentlemen and in the public eye.

My father, who is now close to eighty years old, was suffering before Rodney, with a couple of unwarranted police beat downs of his own in the Fifties and Sixties.
My personal belief is that these incidents have become more worse and more violent, so much for "post racial" harmony.

Officers will shoot first and answer questions later.  
The popular response, after some police sponsered mischief has gone down is usually, "I thought he had a gun".   It's never one shot, these officers act like b-level Rambos and will now unload a whole clip on your ass! These types of officers never wait for an incident to escalate, its usually a display of force first, with a baton or taser, and then the inevitable shooting.
Officers really have that shit backwards!

At every level, across the nation, the lack of control and respect is so blatant now.
Heaven forbid, an incident happens in the state of Florida, where it seems to be open season on minorities.  It seems, each time these cases come up, there is almost certain to be an aquittal of the officer or even civilian, no matter what the circumstances.
Or, if the victim is lucky enough to survive a police assault and lives, they are sentenced to twenty years in prison -  right, state of New York? 
New York, where an officer went into into a military decorated veteran retiree's home, said he was "out of control", though he could barely move due to various illnesses, and shot him to death.

Yes, America, home of the free and land of the brave - nothing has changed too much on our shores.

Minorities are still getting it in the ass  with police approved gunfire!!!

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