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Friday, January 20, 2017


A day which we will live in infamy.

That sentence is courtesy of a speech that Franklin Roosevelt used to address the nation, when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.  It stings just as bad today. For different reasons.

On January 20, 2017  Donald J. Trump will become the spokesman for an entire nation. Amerikuh the beautiful. The land opportunity. Where dreams come true. Where a black man was President for eight years. That's where the dream end and the nightmare begins.

What once was comical is, is now an ugly reality. This great nation of rational thinkers has been taken over by the emotional voter.

Amerikuh didn't vote for the best candidate. Hell, the best two candidates didn't make it to the final election!! What we have here is a nation of angry, tired, broke, barely making ends meet, can't afford health care, can't afford childcare and at my wits end people.

But of course the biggest reason being racial!! What used to be the elephant in the room, is now
I can say what I want to minorities because donald trump says I can!!

Tensions are high right now. Those emotional racist voters, have no clue what's about to happen.

donald promised the world, with speeches full of hate, fear and ego!

A place that's suppose to be a safe haven for all nationalities and women, has reared its ugly serpent's head! No need to list all the adjectives that would describe such a vile soul!

With all that we do know about this guy, people were drawn to him for different reasons.
Because of that, the emotional voter chose to place blinders on those thick skulls and vote for him anyway.

Here are a list of people I want to question why you voted for him.

Minorities... why?
Black Men... why?
The middle class... why?
kanye... why bother!
Poor people...why? The percentage of people that didn't bother to vote... why?

When trump takes office, his muted wife will go back to new york and carry on her wifey duties.
Not sure what that is, because we only know her to look pensive like she's constipated!

Back in Washington, chump and the billionaire's club will begin to wheel and deal this country to shreds.
For every cabinet person that he's nominated, for each  post, has as  much experience as a whore trying to fly the space shuttle. Basically, a room full of melanias!!

All will do their very best to unravel, dismiss, help corporations, help their own corporations, align with Russia, try to dismantle NATO and tell the dumb fucks that voted for him, that everything is okay.

Sure there we be jobs. They will all be minimum wage. These band of fools will try their damnest to get rid of time and a half, holiday pay and whatever little penny they can take from us.

We are going from class, grace and dignity to fuck us and figure out the following: Insurance, clean air and water, decent jobs, education and just LIVING PERIOD!!!

So, to the emotional racist voter, I would like to extend a thank you and fuck you at the same time!!

Because your stupidity knows no bounds and your hate for Muslims, blacks and building a damn wall, put not just minorities but also your broke asses in jeopardy!!

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