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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

You Are Not Kings!!

I'll say it again...YOU ARE NOT KINGS.

You are: A football player turned actor and used to be an activist.

You are: A retired football player turned football analyst and now unemployed analyst.

You are: A comedian, game show host, best selling author, radio personality, pageant host.

You are: A retired boxer, an illiterate, an abuser of women and just happened to get lucky with
You are: A rapper, clothes designer, a shell of himself "man" who will do anything for attention.

You are: The person that has tried to sell his dad's prized bible. A LEACH living off your dad's legacy!!
I could end this assault right there, but I won't.

Of all the people. Don Trump could have called for an "one on one", he chose them.

Not for anything important but a damn photo op!

I think Steve Harvey said it best. When "the president calls, you answer".

He meant the cooning begins.

I'm sick of folks, black people in particular selling us out on our behalf for their benefit!!

That's exactly what happened.

The two that are the most disappointing are Harvey and Jim Brown.

Jim Brown used to be an activist. He used to stand for something.

Maybe age or Don sliding his ass a renewed health care card is why he switched on the community.

Steve Harvey, if you knew the real Steve Harvey, can be curt at sometimes.

Not the nicest fellow outside of show business. I mean this is the same guy

who tried to steal Bernie Mac's role in the movie Ocean's Eleven.

What success tells me about some of our so called black celebs is no matter

how much they have and how well they are received by us, at the end of the day

they still need acceptance from them!

That's okay to cross over.

But what they did was cross a line and started dancing with the devil.

Each person that Satan called to the ivory tower they didn't need him.

Harvey is invested heavily in the community. Financially, emotionally and physically.

Ray Lewis is a mainstay with the city of Baltimore and countless organizations across the nation.

Kanye West, he has a foundation under his mom's name.

Martin Luther King III and Jim Brown, are a fucking waste!!

King lost my respect years ago for too many reasons to state.

Jim Brown, lost more of my respect when he decided go after Mr. John Lewis.

I don't recall Jim Brown taking a night stick to the head.

None of these individuals have any experience in government affairs.

The organizations and foundations that you guys have prior to meeting trump from my estimation were doing fine.

You are not kings.

Gentlemen a King protects us.

He doesn't discard us!

He doesn't sell us out!

When he eats we eat!



He cannot be BROKEN!

He steers clear of the BULLSHIT!!

I be damned if he would meet with trump!!

Nope you are not kings.

The moment you took pictures with him is the moment

your franks and beans turned into vaginas!!!

So what possibly could a comedian, two retired football players, a rapper and

a washed up activist do to better our situation through an elitist racist?



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